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This is research-quality code, intended for research. Use of this code for anything other than that is strongly discouraged unless you know what you're doing. The intention here is to provide an example of how the concepts in my docs can be implemented, not to provide a production-ready reference implementation.

There are no licenses on this repository. This is an intentional decision. If you have a legitimate use for this codebase, please get in touch first.

This software is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. If you use it and manage to brick an arcade machine or cause similar silly damage, don't come crying.


In order to run this code, some encryption keys need loaded in. I have opted to not include them in this repo because I didn't really feel like doing that. May or may not change that stance later.

For now, copy eaapi/ to eaapi/, and fill in the blanks. If you're following along with docs, you already have the values you need. Otherwise, I trust you can figure out somewhere to find them. CARDCONV_KEY is only required if you plan to make use of cardconv.

Note: If, for whatever reason, you are using this codebase but not interacting with Bemani games or services, consider instead picking your own keys rather than using the real ones. EA_KEY can be any length, CARDCONV_KEY should be 24 bytes.

Why is eaapi.server a submodule?

This repository is intended to serve as an example implementation, and nothing something that should be used. For that reason, I'm not currently making the parts of the codebase that implement HTTP, routing, etc. public as they don't further this goal, and would encourage inappropriate use.