Miscellaneous mods for maimai DX
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Miscellaneous mods for maimai DX. Mods are MonoMod unless specified otherwise.


Speeds up game reboots by caching loaded data. Cache is stored in the dataCache folder and should be deleted if any issues arise.


Attempts to fix charts not loading on some system locales.

Adds CultureInfo.InvariantCulture to all instances of float.Parse and float.TryParse so charts will still load on locales where the comma is the decimal separator.


Enables loading tables from loose .json files in Sinmai_Data/StreamingAssets/DB. Useful for string edits (a.k.a. english patch).

Tables are automatically generated if Sinmai_Data/StreamingAssets/DB doesn't exist.


Loads charts written in various known formats:

  • simai (powered by a custom fork of SimaiSharp)
  • srt/szt/sct/sdt (maimai classic chart format)

To use, edit Music.xml to point the chart file path to your chart file:

  <!-- snip -->

The chart loader used depends on the file extension:

  • simai chart files must end with .simai
  • srt chart files must end with .srt
  • szt/sct/sdt files can use .szt/.sct/.sdt interchangeably, since they only differ by two ending columns. details

Simai caveats

  • maidata.txt is not supported. If you have one, paste the content of each inote_x into their own .simai file.
  • Both ? and ! will create a slide without a star note, but both of them will make the slide fade in (! makes the slide suddenly appear in standard simai).
  • $ cannot be used to create a tapless slide (maiPad PLUS syntax).
  • $$ is ignored, as star notes only spin when there's an associated slide.
  • [BPM#a:b] is not supported for specifying hold time.
  • ` (fake EACH) makes taps 1/384 measures apart.

SXT caveats

  • Encrypted chart files (.srb/.szb/.scb/.sdb) are not supported. Decrypt them before loading into the game.
  • Since this chart format does not contain timing data, the song's BPM is retrieved by loading the Music.xml associated with the chart, and it is assumed that the chart and Music.xml is in the same folder. The SXT loader will not work if the chart file is somehow in a different folder from Music.xml.


Change the target FPS. Also comes with an FPS counter.

Unlike other mods in this collection, this is a BepInEx mod. You will need to install BepInEx and drop this into BepInEx/plugins to enable the mod.

The configuration file for changing the FPS is at BepInEx/config/io.github.beerpsi.sinmai.framerate.cfg and is already documented.