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Brokenithm-Evolved (segatools modification)

This branch only contains modified files from my segatools repo.
And will not contain other files.

Installation (Android)

  1. Grab the Brokenithm latest version of Brokenithm-Android-Server and extract only brokenithm_server.exe anywhere (f.e. App/bin)
  2. Grab the corresponding .apk of Brokenithm-Android and install it on your Tablet/Phone
  3. Grab the segatools custom IO DLL brokenithm.zip and extract it inside App/bin
  4. Configure segatools.ini:
; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Custom IO settings
; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; To use a custom card reader IO DLL enter its path here.
; Leave empty if you want to use Segatools built-in keyboard input.

; Uncomment this if you have custom chuniio implementation comprised of a single 32bit DLL.
; (will use chu2to3 engine internally)

; Uncomment this if you have custom chuniio implementation.
; x86 chuniio to path32, x64 to path64. Both are necessary.
  1. Launch the Server with -T, f.e. create batch file in App/bin and write
@echo off

pushd %~dp0

brokenithm_android.exe -T
  1. Launch the game using start.bat
  2. Launch the Brokenithm Android app, switch from UDP to TCP and enter your PC IPv4 into the address field
  3. Have fun :)