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# v005
* Allow custom IO DLLs to be specified in INI files:
* `[aimeio] path=` for aime reader drivers
* `[chuniio] path=` for Chunithm input drivers
* `[idzio] path=` for Initial D Zero input drivers
* Add INI documentation
* Build system and contribution workflow improvements (contributed by icex2)
* Add hook to hide DVD drives (contributed by BemaniWitch)
* Add option to disable Diva slider emulation (contributed by dogtopus)
* AMEX board accuracy fixes (contributed by seika1, Felix)
* Improve multi-monitor support (contributed by BemaniWitch)
* Various Ongeki fixes (contributed by Felix)
* Various Diva slider fixes (contributed by dogtopus)
# v004
* Add initial support for mounting DLC package dumps (contributed by Shiz)