Add Bemani Witch's felica fix

Hay1tsme 12 months ago
parent f067066130
commit 9f0d6104d2

@ -31,9 +31,13 @@ uint64_t felica_get_generic_PMm(void)
/* A FeliCa PMm contains low-level protocol timing information for
communicating with a particular IC card. The exact values are not
particularly important for our purposes, so we'll just return a hard-
coded PMm. This was taken from a SuiCa train pass I bought in Japan. */
coded PMm. This current value has been taken from an iPhone, emulating
a suica pass via apple wallet, which seems to be one of the few
universally accepted felica types for these games. Certain older
suica passes etc do not seem to be supported anymore. */
return 0x01168B868FBECBFFULL;
return 0x053143454682B7FFULL;
HRESULT felica_transact(